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Commerce Consulting

Client Search

With our knowledge of the Turkish market, we can help you to find companies in your sector that have an interest in international trade.

  • We prepare the lists of potential customers or distributors.

  • We organize physical meetings or Skype calls with potential clients to clarify cooperation issues and act as commercial interpreters (Turkish - Spanish / English - Spanish) to ensure understanding and accelerate the process.

  • We act as representatives of your company to promote your service or product.

  • We attend the fairs in Turkey and visit on your behalf the stands of the companies selected by you. We collect your brochures and business cards and prepare a report with the information of your interest.

İş Ekibi

Relationships with Banks for International Trade 

We communicate with the banks or with the institutions involved in the transaction to find the most convenient payment method.

We choose the most appropriate method of payment and guarantee among several options.

  • Documentary collection: The exporter delivers to a financial entity financial documents (bills of exchange) and / or commercial (invoices, packing lists, transport documents, among others), so that these documents reach the buyer when the seller indicate it to the corresponding financial entity as against payment or against acceptance of the financial documents.

  • Documentary credit: It is a contract in which a buyer abroad contacts a bank abroad so that the bank makes the payment to the exporter through a financial entity located in the country of residence of the seller.

  • Bank guarantee and simple payment order: Guarantee issued by a financial institution and endorsed by a local bank that can ensure compliance with the payment obligation. With this type of guarantee you can proceed with the remittance of funds that an payer or policyholder makes in favor of a beneficiary.

At Dawn Times Meydanı Üstü Gökdelenler
Kargo Konteyner

Organización de reuniones

Organizamos su visita a Turquía. 

Sabemos que su tiempo es muy valioso y es por ello que los ayudamos a aprovechar al máximo su viaje de negocios:


  • Preparamos una lista de clientes potenciales.

  • Organizamos el calendario de reuniones con las empresas con las que deseen contactar.

  • Los recogemos en el aeropuerto en un automóvil de gama alta y lo acompañaremos a todas sus reuniones.

  • Durante las reuniones, prestamos servicios de interpretación
    (español - turco, inglés - turco).

  • Organizamos talleres para su equipo durante el proceso de iniciación en Turquía.

Car Ön
Relationships with Banks
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